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The Pryor Etchmaster Workstation is a portable all in one etching solution, powered using a single 110/220v supply. The lockable cabinet houses the PC, and the flat panel LCD screen supplies the user with our simple to use Etch2Read software interface which has been specially developed by Pryor for Data Matrix part marking and traceability.
The electrolytic marking process works on almost any electro-conductive material. Commonly used to mark stainless steel, steel, aluminium and carbide, the EtchMasterUSB™ Digital Etching Unit guarantees a high quality of finish regardless of surface hardness. Both output voltage and waveform are selectable, enabling the operator to establish the best mark possible, including white marks on various materials.
Because electrolytic marking does not deform the surface of the material, it is suitable for use in applications where deformation marking may exceed tight tolerances on dimensions, a in shims and feeler gauges. Pryor have carefully developed a range of electrolytes in order to achieve the best possible mark on all materials. Pryor electrolytes are non-harmful, and safe for everyday use. Electrolytes are available in 1litre bottles, 250ml bottles, and powder form for ease of transport. From brass and aluminium to steel and carbide, Pryor has an electrolyte to suit every material. If your material is not represented above, please ask and we will be happy to recommend a solution for you.
SmartMark – range provides advanced marking solutions for a wide range of components & materials for electrochemical marking machine.

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